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FantastiKa Free Page n.1. 2012 Year.Welcome!


FantastiKa Albi & FantastiKa Review


FantastiKa Review  has  reserved pages, and it’s request a registration
to the site, with username and the your  password
is given to you. But You can look at the free pages without registration.
Thanks. Sal G.

Music of FantastiKa Albi & FantastiKa Review!

Youtube Valzer. Sopra le Onde. Caricato da max26111000 in
data 19/dic/2010




Great Free Page and  2012 Welcome


FantastiKa & FantastiKa Review

2012 Page One

Sorry Dear
Friend about my later update of Albi di FantastiKa and FantastiKa Review Pages.
I was many  working into my Facebook
Pages and show, and I neglected the FantastiKa Albi and Fantastika Review
pages. I apologize for this! Now I wish a
happy  year, and here I present to
You my new page and your summary card. And good surf in the site! Tank You so
much! Sal Gagliardo.

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“The Magic Christmas Day is near, and “” wants to celebrate It appropriately. Thanks to new Users. 394 today, who have registered to new pages on my website, and thanks to the Visitors who have visited “”, yesterday I read 900 visits. This new Free Page number Thee wants to offer a guide and travel information to website “”, new updates of
pages and articles, but they are still under construction. You’ll find more links with which You can get more information about different themes, and you will also find in the section of my Albi di FantastiKa, something to read for free, something that I present to you in reading, from my tales and fantastic novels. All those who want to contact me and my site, I put here links and
addresses e-mail . Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and sought. Please You leave comments on pages that you visit. And now, thanks and good navigation. Merry Christmas 2011!”

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Renault S.A.



Cities in FK.R.

Vienna( in construction)


Palermo. My City



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Mark Zuckerberg

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Pietroburgo City!/note.php?note_id=10150742999354417

Graal. A legend!/note.php?note_id=10150747395744417

Songs and

Science Fiction Cyberpunk!/note.php?note_id=10150710051894417!/note.php?note_id=10150710387729417!/note.php?note_id=10150714641639417

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