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Dear User and dear Visitor, thanks for the visits to my website “” This is still a small evolving site ,and I hope that in future, “Albi Fantastikalbi and “” can become larger and more interesting. Sorry for the late update, and I hope that in future I am able to work more diligently. So I invite you to enter in my website show. Do You want to record Your account? You can enter and surf into reserved pages of FantastiKa Review.The registration is free. You can find here more, and more  in future. Here you find   the links to FantastiKa Review New Pages. The links to my Facebook Show Pages, and more info about Fantastikalbi site and my fantastic writer  work. I hope  this interesting. Thanks and good looke! Sal G.


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Music in the time. Myths
Swing and dance
Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra.USA
I’m getting sentimental of you.1932.
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I’ have an account on Facebook com.  from Julie 13,2009, and I created here, on my Facebook Show, notes 450 and many post with  photos, my drawings, youtube, my narrative work  and other. Many works on Facebook  are also on “FantastiKa Albi “the my website. And on FBook, I’ve now friends 430. In this page I set the links of my Facebook New Work and the past also. Thank You.

The life in the Universe.1!/notes/salvo-gagliardo/encyclopedia-del-sapere-la-vita-nell-universo1-domande-inquietanti-e-risposte-po/10151001293589417

Mars Planet and The Martian Planet!/notes/salvo-gagliardo/encyclopedia-del-sapere-planetarium-mars-planet-and-martians-planet/10150988818619417


Exbiology.Possible Invasion.2!/notes/salvo-gagliardo/encyclopedia-del-sapere-esobiologia-fantastica-immaginate-che-invasione-possibil/10150866807064417

Exobiology.Possiblle Invasion.1

Merlin.The Wanderful Man. A celtic story!/notes/salvo-gagliardo/encyclopedia-del-saperea-celtic-history-merlin-the-wonderful-man1/10150799495444417

Welcome to FantastiKa Albi & FantastiKa Review

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 This website was been put on line at 2009, and its format has been renewed at 2011. Have been made some reserved pages in
FantastiKa Review with registration and account. The other is   free.

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Section is free, and its pages speak about Sal G. his  life and his  fantastic writer work. Many pages are still  in construction.


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